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A larger version of the world-famous AeroPress®, in which you can brew 500 ml of coffee at a time.

The Aerobie® Travel Coffee Maker provides an alternative for coffee preparation without electricity, while maintaining the quality of the coffee prepared. The XL model is designed to brew up to 500 ml of coffee. 

The package includes: 

  • AeroPress® XL
  • 100 paper filters
  • Stirrer
  • Measuring cup
  • 600 ml Tritan plastic carafe

Preparation procedure

  1. Remove the filter holder by turning it slightly
  2. Insert the filter into the filter holder and reattach
  3. Carefully rinse the filter with warm water (around 80ºC)
  4. Place the bottom part (with the filter) on the cup
  5. Pour in the finely ground coffee
  6. Pour warm water approx. 80-85º
  7. Stir with the attached stirrer and leave to infuse for 10 seconds
  8. Then insert the plunger part and press the plunger down with gentle pressure for 20-30 seconds

The AeroPress® has been praised by many experts and baristas for the quality and taste of the coffee prepared with this machine.

"Absolutely the best coffee I have tasted in my entire life."
Lewis Singer - Chefs Junction

"When used properly, the Aeropress produces remarkably good real espresso and excellent Americano. In fact, it produces better espresso than many home coffee makers that cost twenty or thirty times as much."

"I didn't know the same coffee could taste so good."
Peter Whitely - Sunset Magazine

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