Brasil Cerrado Doce Diamantina - freshly roasted coffee, min. 50g

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Length must be from 50 to 3000 g and multiple of 50.

Give in to the taste of dark chocolate and caramel.

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The Brasil Cerrado doce Diamantina coffee has a unique and delightful flavor profile. It is known for its sweet taste, mild aroma, and very light acidity, combined with a good body. This coffee prominently features notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut. It's a natural processed coffee, with the cherries dried on open patios in the sun, which contributes to its distinct flavors.

Regarding the Cerrado region, where this coffee is grown, it's known for its lush biodiversity, including savannas, woodlands, and forests. The region also benefits from rich soil, high daytime temperatures, and a dry climate, making it ideal for producing coffee at relatively low elevations. The unique growing conditions of the Cerrado region contribute to the exceptional quality of the coffee, leading it to receive a protected Designation of Origin status. This means that coffee labeled as "Cerrado" must originate from this region. Coffee from Cerrado, including the Brasil Cerrado doce Diamantina, is often appreciated for its singular taste, ethical sourcing, traceability, and high quality

Taste bitter
Země původu Brazílie
Kontinent Jižní Amerika
Úprava kávy čerstvě pražená káva
Roasting level light cinnamon
Region Cerrado
Způsob zpracování suchá (natural)
Druh kávy 100% arabika

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